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(Last Updated 24-Feb-2008)

Bug - Adjusting bonds display the wrong ticker. (In Progress)

Bug - Adjusting bonds tag is incorrect due to removal of wrong movie from TAG. (Fixed 25-Nov-07)

Bug - Division by zero error on the day a bond adjusts. (Fixed 2-Dec-07)

Bug - During opening weekend movies are not present in the chart for the week they delist. (Fixed 2-Dec-07)

Bug - Weekly chart had the next adjust price wrong when the bonds page had it correct. (Fixed 2-Dec-07)

Feature - Ability to sort each of the columns when viewing the weekly charts. (Testing)

Update - More user friendly layout while displying indervidual bonds. (In Progress)

Update - General tidy up displayed items and formatting. (Development)

Update - Converstion of dates to display in a globally readable format. (Development)

Update - Display the movies adjusting each week, next to the date. (Development)

Update - Gross for movies are now updated even after a movie delists. (Fixed 24-Feb-08)

Update - Delist dates now update based on release dates, daily. (Fixed 24-Feb-08)





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