Sunday 24th, June 2018, 02:21:54
How it Works

Show us your skill at predicting the openers and become the EAP God. Each week you will be given the chance to submit your predictions on the Estimated Adjust Price of each movie opening wide in theaters. Scores will be tabulated each week based on the official HSX adjustments and the player with the highest accumulated score at the end of the HSX season will win the title of EAP God and the Grand Prize of a $20 gift certificate to

You must have a valid user account to submit your EAP's. To register, click on the register link above and fill in the details required.

Question: When does EAP God stop accepting enteries each week?
Answer: EAP God closes for each movie at 1pm EST (same as HSX halt time) the day the movie opens.

Question: How will my EAP's be scored?
Answer: Points for each EAP will be awarded base on the fololowing table.

EAP Accuracy Points Awarded EAP Accuracy Points Awarded
95%-100% 10 pts 70%-74.99% 5 pts
90%-94.99% 9 pts 65%-69.99% 4 pts
85%-89.99% 8 pts 60%-64.99% 3 pts
80%-84.99% 7 pts 50%-59.99% 2 pts
75%-79.99% 6 pts 0% - 49.99% 1 pts
A 5 point bonus will be awarded each week for the best estimate for each movie.