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A few nights ago there was a discussion in IRC about the history of HSX. We laughed and remembered the good old days...when TITAN delisted...when there was relevant information on the Money...when Gary Burke was detained in Canada before going to California...

I then had the "brilliant" idea of assembling this. It has been hard. I've had to weed through old columns and old interviews. But it's been fun. It's good to laugh again at some of these things.

This isn't without mistakes. I know that some of these things are probably blatant lies. So, if you have updated info, see the end of the document.

Happy Reading, trader.

Notes: The version numbers will increment as I see fit. It goes Major.Minor.Revision. So you can check every week or so. The last updated "applet" is JavaScript. It's automatic as you load the page.

Jan. 99 / Jun 99
Matt's work was much too good to be left in the dark.  Afther consulting with him and gaining his permission, I have attempted an update to this timeline.  I unfortunately managed to muck up some of the things due to my reliance on an HTML editor but I think it still gets the job done.

The actual information I added is limited at best.  If you have any additional tidbits that are worthy to being timelined, please drop me a line.


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